What I need to become and SETA certified Trainer, Assessor or Moderator

What do we mean with SETA certified?

What should I remember when registering on this website?


  • Ensure that your profile is up-to-date and marked “Active” to display instantly to search engines and website visitors.
  • Your contact details are up to date. (We do not trick visitors to register or pay to see your contact details + incripted that spammers cannot harvest it.)
  • Your scope for the different SETA must be up-to-date. Employers often looking specifically for register Assessors and Moderators for a specific SETA or Unit Standards.

How do I know if I am an certified SETA person?

You should request a copy of your SOR – Statement of Results from the ETDP SETA or SAQA. Reminder that this is a free service. Alternatively contact our helpdesk here for assistance. Below is a summary of the detail that should appear on your Statement of Results from the SETA.

  • Train the Trainer: Successfully completed Unit Standard 117871 (previously 9957) or a competency certificate NQF 5 or higher.
  • Assessor: Successfully completed Unit Standard 115753 (previously 9927 or 7978) as per the SAQA policy. (Must be issued from the ETDP SETA)
  • Moderator: Successfully completed Unit Standard 115759 (previously 9929 or 7977) as per the SAQA policy. (Must be issued from the ETDP SETA)