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The functions of an Assessment Quality Partner - AQP

An Assessment Quality Partner must, in respect of the qualifications and part qualifications specified in the Service Level Agreement; recommend the external assessment specifications document for approval by the QCTO; recommend the external assessment specifications document for approval by the QCTO; develop and maintain a national data-bank of instruments for external assessments;publish exemplars of external assessments;recommend to the QCTO the accreditation and withdrawal of accreditation of skills development providers for the knowledge and/or practical skills component using criteria and guidelines provided by the QCTO; register assessors and moderators for the external assessments;develop c[...]

Re: Analysing the Unit Standard

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Use the following questions to help you to analyse your unit standard.

• What is the purpose statement of your unit standard?
• What is the ‘learning assumed to be in place’? (This refers to the learning which the learner already has, or should have, before doing this unit standard.)
• How many outcomes does the unit standard contain?
• Are the range statements attached to a particular outcome/s or do they apply to the unit standard as a whole?
• Can you make a list of the embedded/underpinning knowledge within the whole unit standard? (this is the knowledge that the learner will gain through doing this unit standard)
• How many credits are assigned to the unit standard? What does this translate to in notional hours? (1 credit =10 notional hours)
• Are the critical outcomes within this unit standard indicated?
• What other information is contained in the ‘Notes’ section?

Once you are familiar with all the requirements of the unit standard/ ELO you may move on to planning with one outcome in the unit. ELOs may require that you design specific (learning) outcomes to break down the ELO into more manageable parts.