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Which bodies could become national Assessment Quality Partners

The need to establish an AQP arises from the development of an occupational qualification. A body that has the necessary credibility in the relevant constituency (industry/sector/profession) must be identified to manage External Integrated Summative Assessment by conducting the AQP functions listed above. Depending on their current functions and areas of expertise any of the following existing bodies may  be  appointed  as  Assessment  Quality  Partners  for  specific  occupations  or groups of occupations: Moderating Bodies Examining Bodies Professional Bodies Legislated Boards Occupational Associations Note: If there are no such bodies with a specific interest in the relevant occupation, a SETA o[...]

Learnership Tracking Tool

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Learnership Tracking


PLUMS = Project Learner Update Management System (PLUMS) is a projected created by the TRAINYOUCAN Accredited Training Network to assist private training providers and corporate companies to:

  • Track learner’s personal detail, record keeping and communication.
  • Track learner achievements on both short course and qualifications. (Multiple modules or Unit Standards)
  •  Assist with geeral report writing, executive reporting and SETA quarterly reporting.
  • Assist your company with South Africa BEE and SARS reporting.
  • Easy accessible, general operation including backup process.
  • Able to customize to specific needs.
  • Integration with other software packages
  • Export of information for alternative manipulation extensions, such as text and excel format.

More detail regarding this project including support and a discussion forum will also be made available on our forum

Project Learner Update Management System (PLUMS) also knows as LMS is a software application or Web-based technology used to manage a specific learning process.

Different types of Learning Management Systems are available:

1. Learning Management System that incorporates elearning delivery. Any standard elearning product will be able to offer this service and manages the learner achievements. We currently do not offer elearning solutions. NO
2.Learning Management System that focuses on the delivery and interaction of a programme. This normally include learner details, class schedules, courses attended, grade books. We currently do not offer this function. NO
3.Learner achievement records for reporting structures. This function is available on any major payroll system that also produces standard equity reports. Purpose of report writing in relation between staff current statistics and achievement records, many times by region, type, sex, race and similar criteria. NO
4. Project Management Software that manage the progress of a short programme or learnership. Manage current project such as short courses and learnerships that may consist out of a various modules such as unit standards to track the progress of the project and learners for SETA, Equity, SARS and BEE reporting. YES


Our Project Learner Update Management System (PLUMS)  is aimed as a simple and user friendly tracking system targeted for individual project managers, small and large training centres (from Training Providers and Corporate Companies) including NGO’s to track the progress of their learners on current projects.


Our Goal:

  • To keep it simple, but also effective and very user friendly.
  • Easy accessibility, mobile, transferability,remote access and automatic backups.
  • Keep pricing very affordable.
  • Easy report writing and exporting to text, csv and excel for additional processing.

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Learnership Tracking Tool