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Criteria for the approval of an Assessment Quality Partner

The QCTO will appoint an entity as an assessment quality partner only if it is satisfied that the entity has: i.      The necessary expertise, experience and standing in relation to the occupational qualifications or foundational learning for which the assessment quality partner is appointed; and ii.      the resources necessary to perform its functions In terms of clause of the QCTO Delegation Policy, 22 June 2011 the criteria have been defined in detail as follows: i.     be  recommended  to  the  QCTO  by  the  relevant      DQP  during  the occupational                           development  process at a point  when they submit  an occupational profile. Possible evidence: letter of recommendation from [...]

Assessment Tools and Instruments

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Although all forms of assessment are concerned with the use of evidence, each form of assessment may have a specific purpose. It is the purpose, which will define the nature, the process and the format of assessment documents and activities.

The purpose of assessment instruments and tools

The purpose of assessment instruments and tools are to collect and record valid, authentic, sufficient and consistent evidence.

Assessment instruments and tools ensure standardisation and the maintenance of the quality of assessment.

An assessor should never do any assessment without prepared assessment instruments or tools.

It is therefore imperative that assessment activities are constantly reviewed and evaluated against national unit standards and the criteria provided by the quality assurance bodies.